Manali Meadows

Winner of Himachal Pradesh Best Homestay Award 2010

Welcome to Manali Meadows

“ Where can one have such a joy,
   As when the sun is upon the Himalayas,
   When the blue is more intence than sapphires,
   Then from the far distance the glaciers glitter as incomparable gems.
   All religious, all teachings are synthesized in the Himalayas…”

Painter, Philosopher, Traveller
Nicholas Roerich-


Welcome to Manali-the queen of hill stations in the Himalayas. Manali situated in the hill state of Himachal Pradesh, in northern India,is a picture perfect mountain resort. Nestling in the midst of pine woods at an altitude of approx. 6500 ft it is on the banks of river Beas and surrounded by mighty Pir Panjal range in the north and the Dhauladhar range in the east. With the mighty Himalayas forming a breathtaking backdrop, surrounded by apple orchards and Deodar groves is Manali city,an ultimate heaven for adventure and nature lovers from all over the world.
At Manali you can view the snow clad mountain peaks, relax on the banks of river Beas or be a little more adventurous to go for trekking or see the age old culture at the ancient Old Manali village. The word Manali literally means “the abode of Manu”. Legend has it that sage Manu stepped off his ark in Manali to recreate human life after a great flood had deluged the world. Manali is also known as the “valley of gods”…

The Manali meadows and Eternal Himalayas

Humans have inhabited himahal since the dawn of civilization. They have discovered the secret of living in harmony with nature. For thousands of years the people of Himachal have understood the laws of nature and have developed a strong bond with the mountains, the forests and the river. This bond is visible in the everyday life of rural himachal. Even today the rural life of himachal reflects this ancient understanding of being one with nature.   
Manali meadows Home stay is a gateway to this unique way of life. Manali meadows Home stay is not just a holiday destinations, its portal to a timeless journey into the culture and heritage of Himachal. A holiday at a Manali Meadows Home stay in takes you closer to nature and gives you a glimpse of how people, even in today’s modern life, retain a deep connection with nature. Home stay gives you a never before experience of exploring the magnificent beauty of the himachal countryside, of understanding its culture from up close and from taking part in the way of life that is truly ethereal.

Rediscover the art of walking

Manali Meadows home stay has a unique walking tour that takes you through unexplored parts of the regional countryside and the surrounding forests. These walks are an excellent way to get to know local culture and customs. You can join home stay members on tree plantation drives that are aimed at keeping the pristine beauty and the ecological balance of Himachal intact. You can walk through lush green forests and discover the ancient method of tracking down medicinal plants. Home stays are the way to reconnect with nature.  

Rusticity: The forgotten life

Manali Meadows Home stay gives you the opportunity to rediscover your rustic side. The tranquil art of weaving the pattu, a beautiful himachali shawl, is an ideal start to discovering the delights of the ways of the old life .There are many age old customs which are seen even today in the krajan villages of upper Kullu- Manali valley. Learning pruning of the apple trees which adorn the countryside of Kullu is an enjoyable pursuit. And lending a hand at the village farm has a great calming effect.     

The ancient drum beats of traditional faith.

For generations, the people of himachal have lived and prospered on a deep faith with their deity. This unshaken tradition that governs the life of the people is a source of rich customs and traditions that have great importance in everyday life of rural himachal. The laws of gods and goddesses and those of nature form the apex of the magnificent culture of Kullu region. Home stays, through their local roots, open up a vista of cultural encounters. The drum beats of worship and the colors of the “village mela” leave you with a sense of having experienced the glimpses of a truly magnificent civilization.